ChromeVox Version 1.27 Release Notes

Your version of ChromeVox has been updated. Here's a quick overview of the latest features and improvements.

User survey

We'd like to know more about your experience using ChromeVox. Please take the following survey to help us understand how we can make ChromeVox better. Note this survey has been updated from the previous release and contains five questions.Link to survey

New features

Math Support.

ChromeVox now supports the reading of mathematical content found on the web. In particular it supports the smart verbal presentation and exploration of content that is either given in MathML or rendered with MathJaX.


Mathematical expressions are verbally presented during normal text navigation with ChromeVox. A special announcement is made at the end of the verbalization indicating that you have just navigated onto a mathematical expression that can be further explored.


When on a mathematical expression press ChromeVox+backslash to enter exploration mode. You can now navigate within the expression using the arrow keys. This navigation follows currently closely the syntactic structure of the MathML tree. Please also see the navigation section for more information. Similar to normal text, pressing ChromeVox with minus (-) or equals (=) key lets you change the level of navigation detail. ChromeVox+backspace allows you to return from exploration mode to normal text navigation.


Wikipedia contains a wealth of examples. However, you have to log in and set your preferences for Math reading to MathJax under Preferences > Appearances to make it accessible.
A smaller list of examples can also be found at the MathJax page.

ChromeVox contextual menu.

ChromeVox now offers its own context menu which provides more options for the currently focused item. It currently allows for the selection of a value when focus is over a combo box. Press ChromeVox+comma to invoke the menu.