Getting Started with ChromeVox on Chrome OS

When you open your Chromebook, type Control-Alt-Z to turn on accessibility. This turns your Chromebook into a self-voicing browser with a rich set of keyboard navigation options. The Control-Alt-Z key sequence is a toggle switch; it turns accessibility on if it is currently off, and turns it off if it is currently on. Enabling accessibility activates ChromeVox, the built-in accessibility tool that provides spoken feedback in your browser.

When accessibility is enabled, you can use Tab to go through selectable items such as links and buttons; press Enter to select the current item. You use the arrow keys for basic navigation through text; however, there are a lot of additional navigation options which we will go into after getting set up.

Configuring your Chromebook

The first time you open your Chromebook, you must go through some configuration screens. You will not have to do this again; the next time you open your Chromebook it will automatically use the configuration details you set up.

That’s it. You're now logged into your Chromebook, with two tabs open: one with the ChromeVox tutorial so you can get in depth experience using ChromeVox, and the other with information about your new Chromebook.

Next time you open your Chromebook all you need to do is enter your password and you are ready to browse.

Configuring your Browser

Now that you are in the browser, type Alt to open the Chrome wrench menu. You can navigate through this menu using the up and down arrows to choose configuration options, such as your preferred home page. Some of the options open new tabs, which allow you to set up advanced preferences.

Navigating with ChromeVox

Now learn more about using ChromeVox from the User Guide.