Navigating with ChromeVox

ChromeVox enables you to efficiently navigate the Web by providing a rich set of navigation commands and granularity levels.

Basic navigation

The browser chimes when a page has finished loading and is ready for you to navigate.

Use the Tab key to navigate through selectable items such as links, tabs, and command buttons. When you reach the item you want to select, press Enter.

To navigate through the text on a screen, you can use the ChromeVox modifier keys. On a ChromeBook, the ChromeVox keys are Shift and Search, on Mac OS X the ChromeVox keys are Control and Command and on other platforms, such as Windows, the ChromeVox keys are Control and Alt. To move through a page, press the ChromeVox keys alongside the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate through the page.

At any time, you can press the Control key to stop the current speech.

Navigation commands

ChromeVox provides a rich set of navigation commands. To enter a command, hold down the ChromeVox modifier keys Shift and Search while you enter the key or key sequence for that command. For example, the key sequence ChromeVox + N then H goes to the Next Heading.

Text levels

ChromeVox plus the up or down arrows move you to the next or previous item. Use ChromeVox with the minus (-) or equals (=) key to change the level of navigation detail. At higher levels, you can skip details, and quickly get to the part of the page you are interested in. Levels range from groups (for example, an entire bulleted list) down to individual characters.

You can use ChromeVox with the right and left arrow keys to peek forward and backward in the page at a more detailed level.

The levels are:

Sticky mode

If you don’t want to hold down the ChromeVox keys for a sequence of commands, you can use “sticky mode”. On a Chromebook, press Search twice to enter sticky mode, on other platforms press the Control key twice; now all of your key presses are interpreted as ChromeVox commands, until you exit sticky mode by pressing Search twice again.

Command help

The period is the command for ChromeVox help. Hold down the ChromeVox keys and press period to begin browsing through a list of available ChromeVox command sequences. There are two ways to use the command help:

You can press the Chromevox keys or Escape at any time to exit the help menu.

User Guide

Press the key sequence ChromeVox + H to come back to the ChromeVox User Guide.

Keyboard Explorer

Pressing the key sequence ChromeVox + O then K opens the ChromeVox Keyboard Explorer. You can use the Keyboard Explorer to locate and learn about the keys on your keyboard. When the Keyboard Explorer is open, press any key on your keyboard to hear what that key is called. To close the Keyboard Explorer, press Control + W.

The ChromeVox Keyboard Shortcuts reference contains a complete list of all keyboard commands for ChromeVox.