ChromeVox Version 1.31 Release Notes

Your version of ChromeVox has been updated. Here's a quick overview of the latest features and improvements.

User survey

We'd like to know more about your experience using ChromeVox. Please take the following survey to help us understand how we can make ChromeVox better. Link to survey

New features

Math Semantics

Often times ChromeVox knows a smarter way to pronounce a particular math expression. Now, by pressing ChromeVox plus m, then s for mathematical semantics, you can tell ChromeVox to make its best guess at reading math more naturally.

Try this out on any site containing MathJax or latex such as Math World's Sums article.

A developer oriented video featuring demos of math exploration, math semantics, and the math API can be found at this link.

Initial Braille Support

ChromeVox on ChromeOS now supports USB braille output. Besides tracking selections as you move with ChromeVox commands, you can also click using the routing keys on a display, pan through a page, and see the selection with a dots 7 and 8 cursor. This initial braille support is available on the ChromeOS developer channel only. It will come soon to ChromeOS beta and stable channels.