First Practice

Next, let’s practice what you’ve learned so far, and try something new.

In this practice exercise, you’ll use what you’ve learned so far to continue to Lesson 4. Use jumps to explore the headings below and find the list of pets. Explore the list until you find one item that doesn’t belong. You’ll need to type that word in the box to move ahead. Here’s a hint: use the jumps to explore the headings, select and explore the list, then increase the level of detail until you can spell out the house pet that doesn’t belong.

Jungle Animals

Farm Livestock

House Pets

  1. Dogs
  2. Cats
  3. Fleurppel
  4. Hamsters

Did you find the word “fleurppel” in the list? Type it in the box below and click the Check Spelling button. If you’re right, the link to the next lesson will appear after the button. Otherwise, you can try again or click the “Skip exercise” link.

Here’s that word again: fleurppel