Lesson 3: Exploring with Jumps

Jumps are a way of exploring web pages by skipping forward or backward between similar page elements, such as heading to heading, link to link, or between form fields. You’ll hold down the Chromevox keys and press N for Next or P for Previous, then press a letter for the kind of element you’re jumping to. Here’s a list of common jumps. You might already be able to guess what they are.

  • L = Link
  • F = Form field
  • B = Button

To use any of these jumps, remember to press Chromevox+N or Chromevox+P before pressing any of these letters. If you just want to jump between any clickable items, press the Tab key by itself. To move backwards, press Shift+Tab.

As you might guess, H is the jump for headings, but there’s more. You can jump between headings of the same level by pressing Chromevox+N or P, and then the heading level number. There are 6 possible heading levels on the Web, starting at 1.

Let’s use this key combination now to explore some headings. Remember to use your Chromevox keys + N for next, followed by the number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. You’ll find the link to continue to the next lesson is in Paris.

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