Lesson 2: Level Navigation

In this lesson, you’ll learn about exploring levels of detail. This is sometimes referred to as “granularity.” The largest level of detail is a group, and navigates by large items like paragraphs, lists, and headings. The next level up is the object, which navigates by individual items like links, buttons, images, and chunks of text between items. The next largest level of detail is a line, then a word, and finally a character.

The object level is automatically selected for you, but you can change it any time. Chromevox will tell you which level you’re on. Hold down the Chromevox keys and press either Equals to level up to finer details or Minus to level down for bigger chunks.

Let’s explore a list. Use Chromevox + the Down arrow to get to the first list item. Then press Chromevox+Minus to move down a level and select the whole list. Press Chromevox + Equals to explore the items inside the list. Remember: use your Chromevox keys, Down, Minus, and Equals. Ready? Let’s go.

  1. apple
  2. orange
  3. banana

Did you find a short list of fruit? Do you remember the second item? Was it orange? Try exploring the list again. This time use Chromevox with the Up arrow, then try the Plus, and Equals keys until you feel comfortable.

Have you noticed that you can use these key combinations to quickly explore and skim a page? And did you also notice that once you find a section that interests you, you can move in to a greater level of detail?

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